Straight From The Hive: pink clay, postpartum and parenting!

Straight From The Hive: pink clay, postpartum and parenting!

How I’m fitting in self care around a business, a newborn and a hectic life schedule 


8 weeks postpartum and surprisingly, I have managed 2 nails appointments, a hair appointment and to keep up my skincare (morning and evening, because both are super important) and my weekly self care hour.. and I’m feeling really well for it! 

My reason behind creating The B Collection, was because I realised how much taking time for self care helped me deal with and overcome my anxiety back when the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, and I had to stop working my full time job being a nail technician. So when I fell pregnant last year I promised myself I would always find the time to keep up my self care routine as after all, I know when I feel good, my stress and anxiety levels are lower, my skin is clearer and I really wanted to be as calm and relaxed as possible throughout my pregnancy.

Since giving birth I made myself the same promise, but I also don’t want to lose who I am. Becoming a Mum has been the most incredible experience and I am loving every second, but it’s still important to utilise each and every second the best you can to create time for yourself. As mums, we plan the seconds between feeds, nappy changes, nap times and bed time, which has made me realise how important it is to schedule in some self care because happy mummy = happy baby!

My favourite products whilst pregnant were my Lavender Bath Bombs (I worked throughout my whole pregnancy up until I went into labour so having a bath after being busy and on my feet all day made me relax and switch off for a little while), my Coffee Body Scrub I used pretty much every day. Not only does the coconut oil in the scrub make it really hydrating to keep my stretching skin moisturised but using this scrub helps to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks and although stretch marks are totally normal I just wanted to give my skin the best care throughout such a huge body change.

Another two products that I could never be without are my Hyaluronic Acid Serum and my Pink Clay Mask, not only is putting my mask on, running a bath, switching my phone on silent and relaxing for an hour my actual idea of heaven but my skin has never been so clear, hydrated or plump from using my mask 2-3 times a week (of course I don’t get my heavenly hour in the bath 2-3 times a week, but I make sure I get it at least once a week!). Little top tip from me.. if you apply your Hyaluronic Acid Serum to cleansed skin, then apply your Pink Clay Mask and then apply Hyaluronic Acid Serum again once you remove the mask your skin will honestly feel incredible. If you try it, give me a DM on Instagram and let me know what you think! I also LIVED in these H&M pyjama's throughout my pregnancy (when I wasn't relaxing in the bath that is!) and since Marley has been here, bed times feel like they're sponsored by our Snuzcloud, this has been the soundtrack to my night time skincare routine. 

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported The B Collection and continue to place orders, it means the world to me and I can't wait for you all to see what we have in store... stay tuned!

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