Working mum must haves! 🙌

Working mum must haves! 🙌

I seem to be coping really well with being a new Mum and a business owner (if I do say so myself,) so I thought I would share some insights into how I make my own life easier juggling being a mum and running a business simultaneously. 

First off, get on Ebay and order yourself nappy caddy’s! I have one in our bedroom, one in Marley’s room, one in the living room, one in my work room and one in the car - always fully stocked to make everyone’s life easier. Not only do I keep everything for Marley in the caddy’s, including LOTS of muslins (these are my favourites) but I have put a cuticle oil pen and lip balm in every one of them too, for that ‘on the go’ self care. I also have a cuticle oil pen and lip balm in the changing bag, just remember you are as important as your baby. Happy Mummy = Happy baby!

Another little trick is to have a couple of our pouches filled with; eco discs, our mini skincare products, a cuticle oil pen, scrunchies, lip balm and any sanitary products so if you book a last minute staycation you’ve got your essentials ready to chuck in.. as Mums always end up forgetting something for themselves because we’re too busy worrying about everyone else!


And lastly, a few helpful things for baby that really do make my life easier.. 


The Huckleberry app - I only use this for Marley’s feeds and sleep (and the odd occasion he had Calpol after his injections) but it is SO helpful to not have to worry about clock watching or remembering what time he fell asleep etc! 


Baby Bjorn bouncer is a god send for while I’m working to keep Marley entertained and sat up slightly as he loves to watch whats going on.


And lastly, but probably the best thing we ever bought is the Baby Bjorn Mini carrier - not only do I use this when we take Luna for walks but Marley loves being in it so it’s perfect to be hands free round the house or while I’m working so he can have a sleep cwtched in close to me.


Let me know if you found this little blog post helpful and also feel free to DM me on Instagram with any other specific posts you would like me to do! 



Bec Xx

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