Magic Ice Globes
Magic Ice Globes
Magic Ice Globes
Magic Ice Globes

Magic Ice Globes

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Our Reviving Facial Oils best friend

These will change your life!!

Our Magic Ice Globes will help reduce puffiness and inflammation while stimulating the blood circulation to help oxygenate the skin. The movement of using our Magic Ice Globes stimulates the facial muscle nerves which help eliminate fine lines and tighten skin while promoting collagen and elastin production.
Not to mention - the cool temperature will help ease any headaches or migraines.



- Store your Ice Globes in the fridge.
- Apply your Facial Oil then in circular motions roll the Ice Globes around your neck, jaw, cheeks and around your forehand and temples for as long as you feel is needed. (It’s addictive, these will become part of your morning + evening skin care, trust me!)
- You can use your Ice Globes whenever you feel is needed. They’re perfect to reduce puffiness and awaken your senses in the mornings but just as amazing at the end of the day to destress

The B Collection Magic Ice Globes are made out of glass so please handle them with care.

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