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eco discs

Eco Disc (Individual)

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These will change your life when it comes to your skin care routine!

Suitable for all skin types
Removes makeup with just water!
Machine washable
Made from recycled polyester (the softest, dreamiest fabric)
Super soft microfibres expand when they get wet to get right into those pores. They are so much softer than a usual flannel and so thick they feel a dream!
Means you can forget about makeup wipes and cotton pads!


Did you know a makeup wipe / wet wipe takes over 100 years to start to biodegrade? 100 years!! And cotton pads.. they physically won’t start to breakdown. ever. They are bleached and processed that they just will not biodegrade.
Also, while we’re on to topic - you know those flushable wipes you use? By saying ‘flushable’ companies are tricking you into thinking they are eco friendly. Which they certainly aren’t. Those ‘flushable’ wipes end up in our oceans, breaking down creating choking hazards for marine wildlife. So basically, stop buying wipes and cotton pads, pretty please! 

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